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Build a life operating system that will create success in business, home, and life.

Engage Yourself, Your Leaders, And Your Team.

CEO Coaching

It is hard for CEOs and Business Owners to find someone else that “gets it”. Someone that not only has been there, but that they can really open up to personally and professionally. I get the challenges of trying to achieve harmony between so many roles with the responsibilities that fall on a leader.

Executive Coaching

Level up a to bullet-proof executive team with better leadership and meetings. Starting with meeting audits and 1-on-1 assessments, I can coach individual execs as needed and train on meeting skills for more efficiencies, accountability, success, and satisfaction.

Team Engagement

Most never get the advantage of coaching because it's cost prohibitive. I've created a platform of mobile apps for exactly this reason. It will bring the high level coaching previously available only to owners and high level execs.

I Help People Gain Clarity, Increase Influence, And Create A Life Operating System That Maximizes Their Impact.

Leader Coach

With decades of experience as an Owner/CEO, my approach isn't based just on theory and research, but also hands-on experience. That combined with my passion, gifts and extensive experience as a coach makes my offering very unique. I focus on the "whole leader", creating a life of impact that will flow into every area of life, whether work, family, friends, community or other.

I start by evaluating the leadership team as a whole and then dial in with leaders one-on-one, working on both team dynamics, such as more effective meetings and communications, as well as individual growth, such as focus and intentional productivity.

Starting with achieving personal fulfillment in each leader, we end up with lifelong impact that permeates from the leader into their home and business.The list below is a sample of some of the areas we may discuss in our sessions.
  • Business Operating Systems
  • Life Operating Systems
  • Intentional Work
  • Time Management
  • "A" Player Strategies
  • Focus & Accountability
  • Work & Life Harmony
  • Problem Solving
  • Employee Engagement

Keynote Speaker

As a Keynote Speaker I bring a unique offering in three major ways. First, I have an engineering background and analytical mind, which helps me lead an audience down an efficient thought path while giving immediately applicable take-aways. And second, I speak to the whole person, focusing on systems that will dramatically improve their personal life and whatever work they put their hands to. And finally, is impact. It starts with increasing your satisfaction in all areas of your life but ends with the impact you have on all those you care about.

Speaking is something I never imagined myself doing, but I have found success because my message can impact each audience member to live a more meaningful, engaged, and intentional life. I want to empower as many people as possible to reach their full potential in their lifetime, to include the impact and influence they have in the lives of others. I’m most passionate about speaking on Life Operating Systems and Business Operating Systems. How to create, implement and improve them in your home life and work life.

LIFEguide App: Map Your Success Journey.

For those that can’t afford high-end one-on-one coaching, whether your employees or others, I have created the LIFEguide App. This app includes coaching from myself and other highly successful individuals, but its most unique value is the step-by-step exercises that automatically generate your very own customized Life Operating System. The outputs generated from your introspective, guided inputs become a LIFEmap for you to be able to follow and gain more and more clarity and focus from.

It is setup like a mobile day planner, but includes all the activities, resources, checklists, and motivators to create your very own, customized Life Operating System, which you can use outside of the app in any way that works best for you.

Whether for you or your team … engagement in life and achieving that individual definition of success has never been more personal or accessible. Download LIFEguide and create your own Life Operating System today.

Upcoming Book

I am excited to share my upcoming book, "Influencer: The Impact Of Your Life Operating System". This book is all about amplifying your life, and the impact you have on the people around you.

By improving your Life Operating System, you can have a clear roadmap for fulfilling more dreams. It will also help you navigate life's challenges with more peace, purpose, and intention.

I am confident that "Influencer" will be a valuable resource for you as you unlock your true potential.

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