Tulsa based Clay Slaton Shines on National Reality Show The Blox As Coach and Judge

Tulsa, OK, February 13, 2024 – The Blox, self-proclaimed as the greatest show on entrepreneurship and hosted by reality TV superstar Wes Bergmann, has recently released its 9th season.  Among the panel of world class mentors and judges for the competition will be Tulsa native Clay Slaton, founder of LIFEguide.

Slaton’s role of judge helps to determine who will win the coveted title of the greatest start-up company in the nation. The Blox is a reality TV competition show that puts a number of contestants in a week-long pitch competition against each other and ranks them from first to last. Each day presents a new theme and challenge. The judges score the contestants based on their performance for the day, and coach them on the given theme or topic.

This ultimate entrepreneurial journey follows Slaton as he helps budding entrepreneurs with a series of high-stakes business challenges, offering viewers an unprecedented look at the trials, triumphs, and transformation of an emerging entrepreneur.

Unlike conventional entrepreneurial competitions, The Blox, a brainchild of MTV reality star and entrepreneur Weston Bergmann, renowned for his appearances on shows like The Real World and The Challenge, offers a new, groundbreaking format. Participants are immersed in a unique environment, living together, and confronting a series of challenges that test their entrepreneurial acumen.

Now streaming its thrilling ninth season, with a brand-new location in Tulsa, Oklahoma, The Blox has evolved into a trending docu-series, chronicling the rise of new visionaries coached by seasoned entrepreneurs like Clay Slaton. The show is available on Prime Vide and for free through the mobile app, Google Play and the App Store, at Betablox.com/theblox, or on The Blox Facebook series. You can follow Slaton as he judges different entrepreneurial challenges throughout the series, which is divided into an 8-episode arc that premiered on Sunday, December 31st, with episodes releasing weekly.

Clay Slaton’s exceptional talent and experience propelled him to be among the seven judges, all leaders in their industries. “I am honored to be a part of The Blox, it has given me the opportunity to engage with even more entrepreneurs, now over one thousand in the community,” said Slaton. “The show is an incredible experience, and I am grateful for the chance to find new ways to step out of my comfort zone.”

After years of coaching, leading, and mentoring inside and outside of his businesses, Clay Slaton had the idea for the LIFEguide App, wanting to package the highest levels of executive and life coaching in a way to make it the most efficient and most affordable. His experience in business and passion for coaching matched perfectly with the opportunity to coach on The Blox. Slaton will be returning as a judge on season 15 of The Blox, which will resume shooting in Tulsa, OK, June 2024.

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