LIFEmap – Follow It To Your Dreams

There is a quote by Reid Hoffman that says, ‘Entrepreneurs jump off a cliff and build parachutes on their way down’.  Similarly, you’ve begun your trip, and need to create your map along the way.  So, the quicker you improve your mapping skills, the more enjoyable your trip is going to be and the quicker you will reach your milestones. I want yours to be the trip of a lifetime and to get the absolute most out of it, which is why having a LIFEmap is key.

The trip of life is made up of many legs, with each of your milestones representing each leg’s stop.  When you reach each new milestone and are about to begin the next leg of your trip, you must update your map, as you are now at a different starting location, and you may have learned some things on your last leg that altered your eventual destination or at least the next leg of your journey.  

Your map may show things like your dreams to give you fuel to go.  It may have goals to give you focus in the moment.  It may have values and priorities to keep you headed in the right direction.  It may even have scorecards to keep you on track.  Some of these may not change with increased experience and wisdom, but some may change more frequently, especially if you are accomplishing a lot of goals and need to make new ones.   

Whether you are in the LIFEguide App or in the LIFEguide community you will see many examples of what your map could include along with exercises designed to guide you to extreme clarity about yourself and what to put on your map.  But as a basic outline you can think of the four major areas of a trip to help you organize your LIFEmap:

  1. Where I am – This is understanding where you are now, at each new milestone. 
  2. Where I’m going – This is shedding light on where you really want to or should go next.
  3. How I’ll get there – This is creating a plan for the next segment of your trip.
  4. How I’ll navigate – This is adding tools to get you somewhere you’ve never been. 

Your LIFEmap can take on many forms…a tool in an app, a sheet of paper on your desk, items on your mirror, or a spread in your journal. But however you display your map, it needs to hold the most important revelations to guide you in the current season of your life.

LIFEmap Example

If you don’t have a tool like LIFEguide to lead you through the process, use the trip analogy to create topics to ponder, get clarity on, and add to your LIFEmap. For example we lead clients through topics like these in each area:

  • Where I am – personality, experience, knowledge, capabilities, circumstances, etc.
  • Where I’m going – Who you want to be, what you want to have, where you want to go, what you want to accomplish, etc.
  • How I’ll get there – What exchanges you will make, how to grow yourself, how to set pace.
  • How I’ll navigate – Your time and energy flow, reducing distractions, increasing focus, etc.

The resources we provide will help you answer all these questions so you can properly develop your LIFEmap, keep refining it as you make progress toward each milestone, and take along what will work best for you. Sure, you will have unexpected events and detours, but our tools are here to get you back on track every time.  So, engage in LIFEguide or follow us online as we continually give you ideas and resources to improve your LIFEmap.

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