The Blox

The Blox is the largest competition TV show on the planet for startups.

In Season 9, Clay Slaton brings his Leader Coaching to the show, where over 70 ambitious business owners strive for the coveted top spot.

Clay Slaton - Leader Coach

As with all Bloxers, Clay loves The Blox community and wants to give back. If you would like to take your business to the next level, check out his special Blox pricing:
Clay has been mentoring and coaching businesses from pre-revenue to multi-millions since 2007, while also building and selling his own multi-million-dollar businesses and creating a coaching technology platform to be able to coach more people than there is time for. Through decades of business, starting his first in 1999, finding communities like The Blox is one of the most fulfilling wins.

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The Blox Discount

From FREE to $500/hr prorated by your company revenue.


  • Pre-revenue: $0.00/hr

  • $250K revenue: $25/hr

  • $500K revenue: $50/hr

  • $1M revenue: $100/hr

  • $2.5M revenue: $250/hr

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