I Help People Gain Clarity, Increase Influence, And Create A Life Operating System That Maximizes Their Impact.

Leader Coach

With decades of experience as an Owner/CEO, my approach isn't based just on theory and research, but also hands-on experience. That combined with my passion, gifts and extensive experience as a coach makes my offering very unique. I focus on the "whole leader", creating a life of impact that will flow into every area of life, whether work, family, friends, community or other.

I start by evaluating the leadership team as a whole and then dial in with leaders one-on-one, working on both team dynamics, such as more effective meetings and communications, as well as individual growth, such as focus and intentional productivity.

Starting with achieving personal fulfillment in each leader, we end up with lifelong impact that permeates from the leader into their home and business.The list below is a sample of some of the areas we may discuss in our sessions.
  • Business Operating Systems
  • Life Operating Systems
  • Intentional Work
  • Time Management
  • "A" Player Strategies
  • Focus & Accountability
  • Work & Life Harmony
  • Problem Solving
  • Employee Engagement

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